Apparel Branding

+ Packaging Design

The brief was to create a denim brand identity, including pocket design, rivets, buttons, swing tags and pocket labels, as well as a t-shirt design and packaging design for the brand.


Agnita is a bold denim brand celebrating the spirit of female artisans. I created Agnita after being inspired by Virginia Woolfs' quote “for most of history, anonymous was a woman”. We know women are dynamic, ambitious, and enlightened pioneers of the creative world with so much potential. Agnita is all about recognising your accomplishments and understands that you deserve a jean that can adapt to the constant chaos of life as a modern creator. We are here to celebrate your creative pursuits and give you a unique style to support your ambitions.The logo is made up of a fountain pen nib stitched into a splatter of paint to represent three different artistic pursuits that creatives’ can relate to. 

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