Picturedrome Cinema celebrated it’s 100th birthday this past January. I redesigned their original logo to showcase the centenary while keeping within the brand guidelines.

Along with the new logo, I provided the designs for the invitations for the black tie event as well as the programs handed out on the night.

It was a great success and Picturedrome Cinema took out a four page pull out spread in the middle of Bognor Regis and Chichester Post Newspapers. I designed the spread, showing off the success of the evening while also educating the readers on the history of the cinema.

I chose to base my designs off the art deco style with a minimalistic approach so that the focus would be on the photographs and editorial.The design provided a sleek backdrop and guided the eye of the reader to all of the relevant information.

Picturedrome Cinema

Originally the Queen's Hall, the Bognor Regis building became the Picturedrome Cinema in 1919. The cinema has had a rocky past, struggling to compete with multiplexes, but, thanks to the town's dedication and its loyal customers, it has gone from strength to strength. The Picturedrome Cinema has people travelling from all around the area to come and visit, for the low prices, traditional and unique surroundings, and general ambience.


Newspaper Pull-Out:

View at full scale in this paper.

Program for the guests:

Photos from the night:

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